Does anybody else remember that goofy game? Four hippos around a central bowl, and you tried to get them to eat little plastic marbles or something? I don’t think we ever had one, but I remember the commercials. Well, that’s how I’ve felt over the holidays, with bourbon balls instead of little plastic marbles. How is it that something that weighs less than an ounce can put on a pound of fat? That don’t make no sense!

Charlie is recovering from his whatever illness, I’m happy to say. He’s gotten off his eggs and gotten on chicken. Okay, that came out sounding a lot dirtier than I intended. What I mean is: he’s been eating nothing but scrambled eggs for a couple of days, and last night I gave him crock pot chicken and he feels all the better for it. He got up this morning sounding like James Brown: “I feel good! I feel good right now! Baby, I feel good! I feel good right now!” Well, maybe not quite that enthusiastic, but a definite improvement over, “I guess I’ll survive.”

CROCK POT CHICKEN – I took a couple of chicken leg quarters out of the freezer and put them on a low rack in the crock pot. Salted them, snipped some sage and rosemary branches and put those in, drizzled it with garlic-flavored olive oil and poured some white wine into the bottom of the pot. Covered it and set it on high. This was at about 11 am. I would have put in some carrots and celery, but my carrots had gone over to The Dark Side. At about 5 pm, I drained out and reserved most of the liquid. Opened a can of mixed veg and put the veg, along with the liquid in the can and the liquid I drained off the chicken, into my rice cooker and added 1/4 cup basmati rice. MAN, it was all good! Good for what ails you, too.


writing prompt: Write about a game you remember from your childhood.