A couple of days ago, Charlie tossed down the last of the store-bought eggnog before he realized it had gone over to the Dark Side, and he’s been tossing it back up ever since. Sometimes you can sniff at a carton of milk or buttermilk and tell if it’s gone “blinky”, as Charlie’s family calls it. Sometimes it smells off when it isn’t, and…you get the idea. You can’t always tell by sniffing. So I thought wouldn’t it be great if milk cartons had little panels on the sides that could read whatever would be a good indicator and change color when the product went off?

So that’s one. Another one is a virtual reality helmet to wear with an elliptical walker. I’m down in the basement staring at cinder block, and I’m thinking how much more enjoyable it would be and how much longer I would walk if I were walking, say, down a country lane in England, or through an art gallery or along Main Street USA in Disneyland. Or somewhere in the past, or through a garden party filled with my favorite celebrities, or through a favorite book. This helmet would be equipped to provide sights, scents and sounds. Wouldn’t that be nifty?

Still working on the New Improved web site. This WILL happen this year. This will happen this MONTH. It may be a Frankenstein’s monster, but it will go live. Live–live, I tell you! Do you hear me? LIVE!!! A-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!!



writing prompt: Where would you like to take a walk? Where would some of your characters like to take a walk?