Today was my first stint as Elder. I was way nervous, up behind the table, but they tell me I did okay. Connie asked me later if I liked it better than being Deacon, and I had to say no. I like being Deacon because Deacons go up and down the aisles and take offering and pass out communion, and you get to see everybody and make faces at the kids and stuff. Being Elder feels all solemn. But I was pleased to be doing it, anyway.

I was the Cup Elder today. Here was the prayer I gave:

Dear God, we thank you for this gift of new wine. As we drink your wine of compassion, melt our hearts of stone and bring us to new life in you. In Jesus’ name, Amen. Let us now drink the cup.

Short and sweet.

It’s so cold today, I’m surprised the trees aren’t exploding. I made the hound come into the basement last night. He came willingly, but he kept whining to go back out during the night. I was like, You just think you want to go out! I think the problem is that Charlie was burning wood and I think Joe thought the basement was burning down. After he got used to the smokey smell, he calmed down. We have food and water down there for him, and a bit of carpet to lie on, and today he won’t go out again! Just as well. It’s going to be way below freezing all week, and I don’t want a big black pupsicle on my hands.

I’m going to work on my web site a little more today. I’d like to get it up, even if it isn’t finished or perfect. Then I’ll need to decide if I’m going to move this blog to it or leave it here. But first, I’ma have a leftover baked potato for lunch. And maybe one to hold in each hand and one for each foot.


writing prompt: A dog gets in a character’s house and won’t go out.