Michael Bracken!

Actually, as I told Michael in my congratulatory email, he didn’t guess absolutely correctly, but I gave top marks for close. Michael and several others guessed Hootie Ann’s last name to be Blowfish, which was the reference I intended.

All the guesses were:

  • Blowfish
  • Allen
  • Owlen or Owllen (particularly nice, and I’m sorry I didn’t think of that myself!)
  • Hooch (appropriate for the pet of a Chianti-head)
  • Rucker (referencing the Blowfish connection)
  • McGregor
  • Hothead
  • Turner (my maiden name)

As soon as I hear back from Michael on his choice (as first entry, he gets first pick), I’ll contact the other winners.

Thanks for playing!

Oh–the correct name. I suppose there was only one person in the world who would have guessed correctly and immediately: the late and lamented Robert L. Iles. He would instantly have known her name was Hootie Ann deBlofish.

Happy New Year to all from


writing prompt: What did your main character drink for New Year’s Eve?