I got the results from my blood work at the doctor yesterday, and the bad news is that my cholesterol is higher than they like. The good news is it’s down from last year AND my HDL/LDL ratio is extraordinarily good. So yay for me! I told Charlie my cholesterol is better because I’ve been drinking 1-2 glasses of Chianti a day. He said, “I’m not sure I completely trust your objectivity on that subject.”

Mom and I ran a few errands yesterday, and got a carry-out from one of our favorite eateries. It was the first thing we ever got there that wasn’t very good. It was supposed to be pork roast, but it was more like pork boil. Pork roast, potatoes, carrots and celery, all watery and flavorless. 😦

So, I ate some of it and saved the rest to repair for supper. Mom did, too, but she did hers differently. She added some sage to hers and liked it much better than before. I dissolved some vegetable bouillon in hot water, added a bay leaf, some salt and some onion powder and poured it over the cut up veg and meat (and some mushrooms I had in the refrigerator) and let it marinate for a couple of hours. Then I heated some garlic-flavored olive oil in a pan, strained out the veg and meat (reserving the liquid) and browned it a little. I mixed some cornstarch into the cold liquid and added it to the pan, stirring until it was thickened, glossy and translucent. Result: hash, and damn good hash, too.

Have a safe and jolly New Year’s Eve!


writing prompt: Send a character to a New Year’s Eve party where he/she only knows one person. An old friend? And old enemy? Someone he/she sees a lot or hasn’t seen in a long time? Someone he/she has just recently met and didn’t expect to see here? Someone he/she came to this party expressly to meet again?