I went to the doctor yesterday for my annual checkup (yeah, put it off to the last minute) and she informed me that I’m overweight. To quote Charlie quoting from Hamlet, “We need no ghost come from the grave to tell us that.” So I’m back on the elliptical walker. The doctor said, “You do need to lose weight. Menopause will do that to us.” (Meaning, “You’re not only fat, you’re fat and old.”) Then she said, “So will eating to cope.” I assured her that I don’t eat to cope. I mean, what does she think drinking is for?

One of my college friends who sometimes reads this blog asked me if I couldn’t make banana pudding with eggs and milk rather than using instant pudding powder. I probably could, if I weren’t a chronic sufferer from TDL (Too Damn Lazy). I mean, here is my recipe for tapioca pudding: 1) go to the grocery 2) buy a tub of tapioca pudding.

And here is my recipe for our #4 daughter’s favorite dessert pie:


  • chocolate cookie pie crust
  • chocolate fudge instant pudding powder
  • chocolate milk
  • whipped topping

Mix the powder and the milk. Pour into pie crust. Chill until firm. Top with topping.

Last night we had some MMMMMM… cabbage. Not quite vegetarian, but vegetarian could be easily arranged. I cut up some cabbage into a pan with some water, added salt and onion powder (would have used pepper as well, and real onions if Charlie could eat onions), a sprinkle of sugar, about 2 teaspoons of corn oil and (here’s where we separate the vegetarians from the omnivores) some chopped bacon. Covered it and cooked it on low for about an hour. Mighty tasty!


writing prompt: What does your main character weigh? Write a character who weighs too much and needs to lose. How does he/she go about it? Crash diet? Lifestyle changes? Is he/she happy with the result or unhappy?