I got a good price on pork loin a few weeks ago, and so I hacked it into bits and froze it. Last night, I got some out and made what I call “Miss Billie’s Dish” because I got the recipe from a family friend I was taught to call “Miss Billie”. Billie was her nickname, though her name was Lillian. Anyway, here it is.


  • slices or cubes of pork, porkchops are fine
  • prepared mustard
  • seasonings to taste (I use Jane’s Crazy Mixed-Up Salt)
  • tiny bit of oil for browning
  • canned cream of mushroom soup (you can make your own, if you like to do that)
  • about 1/2 can of water

Dry the pork. Rub it with a leeeetle bit of the prepared mustard and sprinkle with the seasonings. Brown it slowly on one side in a skillet with sides and a lid. Turn it over and brown it a little on the other side. Remove from pan. If there is more than a tablespoon of oil in the pan, drain all but a tablespoon or so off. Add soup and water and stir until smooth. Return the meat to the pan, reduce heat and cover. From the time you start the browning to the time you serve will be approximately 1 hour.

We had this with mashed potatoes (yes, I do mash actual potatoes–I keep the instant for making pierogi) and leftover kale. And bread to sop up the gravy.

Busy day today, so that’s all.


writing prompt: Have a character spill gravy on his/her shoes. No, I didn’t do it in real life. Miracles do happen.