I had a cold for Christmas (Thanks, Santa!), so I couldn’t get too enthusiastic about trimming the tree. It would have been all right (please note–“all right” is two words in my little world, not alright–only allowable exception to “all right” is the expression of positive enthusiasm “awRIIIIIIIIght!!!”)…. I lost my place. Oh, yes: It would have been all right, if I trimmed the tree the day after Thanksgiving, as most people do, but NOOO-ooooo, I have to wait until Christmas Eve. So Charlie went out and cut me a tree. I asked for a little one, but I didn’t ask for a little ugly one. Nevertheless, that’s what I got. It was actually a little too big for my miniature trimmings, but I SO did not feel like shaping it to my pleasure or even really trying to do more than get stuff on it and call it decorated. It shows.

So #4 daughter and her husband came over last night. His first words were a shocked, “That’s the tree?!?” I couldn’t blame him.

#4 daughter came over with her dad before her husband joined her, so she and I got to laugh at the poor little thing privately. I am speaking of the tree, not her husband, who is a sweetheart.

Charlie called it “a Charlie Brown tree”.

#4 noted the dearth of lights, and I said, “It looks kind of like fireflies.” She, who turned me on the the SF series Firefly, misunderstood, thinking I’d said it looked like Firefly’s, and said, “It DOES look like one they’d have.”

And the riffs began. Fans will totally know who said what. The best lines are #4 daughter’s.

“There ain’t enough gorram lights on that there tree.”

“The engines’ll only give us so much power. You want engines or you want lights?”

“I think the Captain’s right.”

“Oh, there’s a surprise. Of COURSE you think he’s right.”

<walking over and standing nose-to-branch with it> “…Tree…Tannenbaum…from the German….”

“I think it’s kinda cute.”

“Of course, you know that Christmas isn’t about a tree. Would anyone like me to read–”

<all> “NO!”


In other news, I made a delicious little ham for Christmas Day dinner, though only daughter #4 and I ate it. Charlie was stuffed from lunch and #4’s husband wasn’t feeling very well. The ham was delicious. It was a quarter one of those little pre-cooked boneless ovoids, the double-smoked kind, not the honey-cured. I rubbed it with orange marmalade and snipped a couple twigs of rosemary, put the ham and rosemary on a rack in a little roaster, put a little water in the bottom, covered it tightly with foil, and baked it at 350 for about an hour. It is so juicy and tender and delicious!

Don’t forget to enter the contest (Contest–New Friend). Many have come close, and close counts, but no one has guessed exactly. 🙂


writing prompt: Oh, take the day off. …What would your main character do with an unexpected day off?