To the tune of “Joy to the World”:

I have a cold, now ain’t that great?
The phlegm within me flows.
I have a shiny nose.
Like Rudolph’s nose, it glows.
Repeat the sounding blows–
Repeat the sounding blows–
Repeat, repeat the sounding blows.

From the Department of Silliness: When our #4 daughter was tiny, our #2 daughter was living at home, studying the piano, and would play Christmas carols for us all to sing together. This one, which has a line, “Repeat the sounding joy”, somehow got registered in her little head as “Repounting Joy”, so that’s what we still call it to this day.

I may not post over the holidays, so have a merry!


writing prompt: How does your main character celebrate the holidays? What would he/she do, if that couldn’t happen?