We had a dusting of snow here a couple of nights ago, and I got these snappies of our porch and Mom’s porch. I love a light snow. It’s so strange and cool, the way you can trace the shadows of the trees by where the snow lasts longest. It’s so weird, the way you see the outlines of things so clearly when the outlines are highlighted by white.

So, on Mom’s side porch, there were these marks of the birds she feeds there. And, on our back porch, there was this dusting of snow and these parallel lines of dots. Know what they are? Nailheads. The metal nailheads were warmer than the wood, and melted the snow that fell on them. I am charmed.

The snow is gone, now, and the sun is shining out of a deep blue sky. It really looks like the year has turned. I know we have our worst weather yet to come, but the buds are on the trees, getting fatter by the day. Soon, we’ll have snowdrops and then crocuses and, eventually, MUSHROOMS.

I’m going to try–really really–to move my blog to my pro-site server in 2010. If I do, I’ll post the new address when I get it done and I’ll migrate everything that’s here to it.


writing prompt: What does your main character think about winter? Cuss, if you want to.