My pal Pat sent me a Christmas box which I couldn’t resist opening. One of the presents inside was this pashmina (rectangular cloth which can be used as a shawl, a neckscarf or a headscarf).

You may think this pashmina is pink, but it isn’t. It’s pank. Pink is like peeeeeeeeeeeenk. Pink is like a candied rose petal. This is paaaaaaaaaaank. Pank is Bruce Springsteen. Pank is Hello Kitty on a Harley. It has silver threads through it, a black animal-print pattern and black/silver fringe.  Pastel with muscle. I loves it.

Mom totally doesn’t remember riffing on the zombies on the hospital roof when she was recovering from surgery. So here’s a little song to spark her memory:

What shall we do? There’s zombies on the roof
They come out of the smoke and dance where I can see.
All-zombie cast of West Side Story scene
Performing just for you and me.

The zombies on the roof–
You can’t forget this sight.
They have no taste for brains
But, then again, they might….


writing prompt: Does your main character have a color he/she loves or hates? Any exceptions?