I sent in my dedications, back cover blurbs and edited and ebook-friendly formatted manuscripts to Echelon. Now I’m waiting to see if there are further edits and if I did all that properly. My novels back in circulation–what a Christmas present for me!

Now I need to be working on a story to submit to Scheherezade’s Facade. It has to be a story of gender change, transformation, masquerade or alternative gender. I’m thinking of doing something with the mermayds in EEL’S REVERENCE. Maybe Loach, maybe Marlin, maybe Blennie, maybe somebody who isn’t actually in that novel, but using that world. Oo! Just got an idea!



writing prompt: Take a minor character or someone who is only mentioned in one of your pieces or in someone else’s piece and write a story. Remember, if it’s somebody else’s, you can’t sell it unless it’s so far removed from the original that it’s turned into your own, which is the idea behind this exercise, after all.