Not guns or anything lethal. Well, they COULD be lethal. I write and read mysteries–just about anything could be lethal, really. But these are not intentionally lethal. They speak to the other side of my Goth nature, the side that goes squeeeeee over cuteness.

This guy may not look cute, but he is the cutest guy ever! That’s because my youngest grandson is letting me keep him at my house, even though he’s just about his favorite guy. He (the guy, not the grandson) is a Megazord or a Bionicle or a Transgizmo or something. His whacking big sword is flashing, in case you can’t tell. It is an awesome privilege to have the keeping of this guy. I am instructed to play with him and to make sure he gets enough to eat and drink. I call him Guy.

This little lady came free with my latest can of Aussie hair mousse. Gotta have mousse, if you want your spikes to stick out or your hair bits to look exactly like you want them to look like you don’t care how they look. You know what I mean. Anyway, there were two cans of the stuff, of equal weight and price, and one had a kangaroo taped to it and one didn’t. So which one would I buy? Come on–get real! Something free? *snort* No contest. So Ozzer came to live on the toy shelf (I am not immature! I am NOT! *stamps her little foot*). The ferret took up residence. I think Ozzer is charging him rent.

Today, I hope to get to work doing rewrites on a short story I’m submitting to WARRIOR WISEWOMAN. The deadline looms, it looms….


writing prompt: Have a child give a character a treasured toy and insist it be cared for in a certain way. Does your character do as the child orders, even if the child is not there to see? Refuse to do it, even though the child IS there to see?