‘Member yesterday, when the ground all shook and stuff? That was not an earthquake, that was I (grammatically correct), doing a Snoopy dance. It goes like this: *danse danse, danse danse*. Sry. Put your tchotchkes back on de shelf. I’ll wait.

The reason I’m so pumped is that I’m about to sign THREE contracts with Echelon Press to reissue my three electronic novels. When up at the Echelon website, they’ll be available as PDF downloads and in all kindsa electronic formats for various e-readers. I’ll tell you about them, one by one.

EEL’S REVERENCE- fantasy/sf
This one was re-titled EEL’S REVENGE by previous publisher, over my objections. It isn’t about revenge, it’s about reverence. The publisher thought, and I had to agree, that revenge sounds more action-packed than reverence, although we have since learned that people will do worse in the name of their religion than they will in the name of their pride. In EEL’S REVERENCE, an elderly “Aunt” (priest of Micah) is mugged and then rescued by a young mermayd (male, at the moment, and equipped with a gill-band). They fall afoul of the local priests, who use the people’s piety for personal gain. Aunt Libby is a very frail figure to stand between the priests in charge of religion and the people willing to lead a “Holy” War to restore “true” worship.


writing prompt: Pick a minor story from the newspaper and write about the religious implications. Or pick a story from a religion page/newsletter/magazine and write a story about its implications in someone’s life.