I sat down this morning, ready to rant, but I just can’t do it. It isn’t laziness this time, it’s irony.

Our interim pastor, Marc Wessels, and the interim before him, Dean Bucalos, and our pastor before them, Neal Kentch, as well as some parishioners (including myself, from time to time) have been frustrated by the congregation’s shortage of cohesive evangelical oomph. Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is technically an evangelical denomination, and you know what that means: Evangelicals do it and talk about it.

Fact is, though, our congregation practices Habits of Highly Effective People. What is it a Christian is really supposed to do? Bring the light and love of God into the lives of the people around us. Not wear gang colors and cruise around in posses and drag people off the street and say, “Hey. You. You know how to pray? Better learn fast.” I can look around our congregation and think, “This one does this and that one does that and this other one is active in such-and-such volunteer organization.” The reason I started coming to Corydon Christian was because I met Neal at a volunteer organization meeting we both attended and I was impressed with the compassion and openness he brought to it.

Oh, well.

Marc really gave it to us with both barrels this past Sunday, making sure we knew he was telling an allegory for the church and then telling us a story about tame geese who loved “hearing about what they could be and do as long as they didn’t have to be it or do it.” Way harsh, Marc. News: We’re already doing it and being it. We just don’t wave flags. Yeah, it doesn’t attract many members to our church, but it makes a difference to the lives of the people our people touch, and I think that’s the real idea.

It was a great sermon, though. I’ll do more of what I already do because of it.


writing prompt: Write an allegory.