Yes, I know, everything I do is as still as I can manage. I’d grow roots, if I didn’t have to get up to cook. What I meant was, I am continuing to write DOWN AND DIRTY DEATH. I told my #4 daughter last night that I’m about to kill a character (since this is a cozy, the murder will happen offstage). She was like, “It better not be Huff! I like Huff!” That’s always such a nice thing for a writer to hear: A reader likes one or more characters so much, the fictional death of that fictional character would hurt. I’ve felt that myself, many times, as a reader. It’s a compliment to hear it as a writer.

Hint to daughter #4: *whispering* It isn’t Huff. */whispering*

Now I have to get ready to go the the Book Box used book sale and then grandson’s b-day party. Any words today? Time will tell.


writing prompt: What literary character would you hate to have seen killed? Like to have seen killed? Wish hadn’t been killed?