I did it I did it I did it! I made 50,000 words, and I still have five days to go!!!

The story isn’t over. I’m going to keep working at DOWN AND DIRTY DEATH until it’s done, although I expect progress to be much slower once November is over and the Christmas season kicks in. It’s almost time to start Christmas baking, then it’ll be time to start the Christmas eating, and that takes up a considerable amount of my time.

Speaking of eating, so far I’ve managed to come up with a recipe for each chapter of this book. On my #4 daughter’s advice, I don’t put the recipes in the text unless they’re abnormally short, but I’ll include them at the end of the book. For some reason, I’ve been ravenously hungry, the whole time I’ve been writing this….

I had all day to work, and I couldn’t get going. It was like pushing chain uphill, all day. I finally realized what I’d done wrong and went back and fixed it, and then the pace picked up. In a way, I wish I wouldn’t do that, because it does stop things, but I guess that’s better than writing full-tilt and then having to rip it all out. At least it didn’t happen until I was almost at the end of the challenge. Buck Leatherbury just came into the book. I don’t know yet how much he’ll have to do, but I’m thinking he’ll be in it quite a bit here at the end. Moms and J.D. from my unpublished short story, “No Quarter” are in it, too, which I didn’t really expect. BUT NOT BUD! I’m not even setting this in Bud’s town, although I think it’s on the same river. BUT BUD ISN’T IN IT!


writing prompt: Have your main character win something the reward for which is the striving.