I missed my church this Sunday, because Mom and I went to her church and then to the Opera (HANSEL AND GRETEL. Don’t ask.). So today, I got caught up with some of the news, and WE HAVE A PREACHER! At least, we’ve called one, and will have a reception for HER on December 6.

I’m like–YAY! I mean, I really really like the interim ministers we’ve had. They’ve both been blessings, each in his own way, but there’s a sense of unsettledness (not a word, but should be) about having an interim. In a way, it’s been great, because each interim has challenged the congregation and made at least some of us look at our church from different angles. On the other hand, Disciples of Christ are all ministers and don’t really technically HAVE to have a professional minister. Before we got our first interim, we took turns preaching, and it was fine. Still, I think we’ll feel like we’re buckling down to business if this call goes through.

They tell me that the minister before the one who was preacher when I joined was a woman, and she was fantastic. She came back as guest preacher one Sunday not long ago, and I agree–she’s fantastic! I hardly think being a fantastic preacher is gender-specific, but I’m ready to give it a shot.

I sure will miss Marc Wessels, our current interim, but I miss Dean Bucalos, who was interim before him. Still, I’m WAY excited about our having a regular minister again. I have a feeling it will revitalize our congregation. W00t!


writing prompt: If you were a minister or just a lay preacher, what would the theme of your first sermon be?