There were some dangers I expected, based on last year: Boring people silly by wanting to talk about my plot problems, confusing people by telling them stories about the childhood of one of my characters, going to the grocery instead of church because I’m thinking about the book instead of where I’m going…. This year taught me a new one.

Charlie woke me up in the middle of the night, protesting that I was kicking him. Hard. I apologized, and we both went back to sleep.

Amazingly, I remembered why this morning.

I was dreaming. I do sometimes dream in storylines. I’ve even finished a dream, dreamed I had been watching a movie, applauded in my dream, decided to sit through it again, and dreamed the same dream all over again.

This time, I was unlocking a post office box with a safety deposit box inside it when I suddenly realized there were two Russian generals–or it might have been Fu Manchu–standing behind me, waiting to grab the box. The generals were certain my box contained their military secrets, but it really contained a fortune in priceless gems that Fu Manchu would kill to possess. I took out the box and swung into action, defeating the villains with my awesome kung fu skills.

I also kicked the crap out of my ever-lovin’ husband.

Sadly, neither the Russian army nor the scourge of the Orient appear in DOWN AND DIRTY DEATH. Awesome kung fu skills might, though. They just might.


writing prompt: Why is your main character kicking in his/her sleep? If asked, does he/she tell the truth, or make something up?