Mom reminded me that I forgot to say anything about the dessert we had at A.J.’s on Sunday. We had our choice of apple pie or baklava, and we chose baklava. In terms of sheer calories, you get great value for money with baklava. It’s probably Mom’s favorite sweet. I like it A LOT, but next time I think I’ll get apple pie, especially if they serve it with cheddar cheese.

Today, I’m going to Louisville to have lunch with Jane. I’m telling you, there’s nothing in this world to beat the sheer joy of meeting a friend for lunch. It’s like recharging your batteries. We dump all our troubles out on the table between us and beat them to death for a while. We may have to face them again when we go home, but by golly we kill them for a couple of hours, at least!

Oh, my dear goodness, it’s deer hunting season, and the dog just walked past with something in his mouth that I do not want to examine too closely. And there goes Forrest, the big white neighbor’s dog (the dog is big and white, the neighbor is average-sized and white). We hadn’t seen him for a couple of months, and I was starting to worry about him, but he’s been around almost every day for the past week, so apparently he’s okay.

Well, Mom just toodled me on my cell phone, so I’d better go see what that’s about.

p.s. I’m up to 34,000+ words on DOWN AND DIRTY DEATH!

writing prompt: Have two people who have been friends for, like, forever, meet for lunch.