ajhighlanderNo, this is not how to make fun of a Brit. Mom and I went for the “traditional English roast” at A.J.’s yesterday. I don’t know if they’re thinking of making it a regular Sunday thing or not. I would advise not. The food was delicious, but the roast was by reservation only, and some people thought “reservation only” didn’t mean them.

Mom and I had been to the A.J.’s between New Salisbury and Georgetown, which is only open during the summer, but this place, open all year ’round, just recently opened.EnglishRoast

So we made reservations and we went. The English Roast was sliced of roast beef, pink but not runny in the center, gravy, roast rosemary-flavored carrots, roast parsnips (sort of like carrot, sort of like turnip, these were tender and sweet), the best roast potatoes we ever put in our mouths, fresh peas and Yorkshire Pudding. Yorkshire pudding is that bready thing that’s in two bits, because I had to eat some as soon as I saw it and then I remembered I wanted to take a picture.

Those potatoes…. They were a little crispy on the outside, fluffy FLUFFY on the inside…. Such potatoes as dreams are made of.

I need to go now. I’ve only written 1,000 words on my NaNoWriMo novel today. DOWN AND DIRTY DEATH is perking right along. I can’t wait to see what happens next!


writing prompt: How does your main character like his/her potatoes?