I’m deep into my National Novel Writing Month project. The goal is to write 50,000 words in 30 days. That comes to between 1600 and 1700 words a day. I’ve set myself a personal goal ofnano_09 averaging 2000 words a day. So far, I’m behind….

This year, I started out with a piece I had already begun, so I’ve been reworking it instead of writing new material. I’m just about at the end of that–one more pre-written scene–so, paradoxically, things should go faster now. It’s sort of like climbing down a cliff is a much slower process than jumping off of one.

My book this year is called DOWN AND DIRTY DEATH, and features the mother/daughter team from my story “The Spirit of Spadena Street” which appeared in THE GIFT OF MURDER anthology. DOWN AND DIRTY DEATH: OR, HOW MAMA AND I INHERITED AUNT MIMI’S HOUSE AND FOUND SOMETHING WE WISHED WE HADN’T FOUND BURIED IN THE CELLAR tells how June Rose (Mama) and LeJune came to live on Spadena Street. LeJune, like me, favors quick and easy cooking, and every chapter has a dish in it with recipes in the text and/or at the end of the book. One of the other characters tells LeJune she ought to write a cook book, and another character snipes, “Yeah, but what would she put on the rest of the bumper sticker?”

Back to work for me now! And, if you are also doing NaNo, good luck to you and slap those words down fast!


writing prompt: Set a timer for 3 minutes. Start with the phrase, “What in the world are you doing?” and free-write until the timer goes off.