Beautiful day today. Clear blue sky, platinum sunshine, supposed to get up to the 70s. But, alas, the leaves are mostly gone. We were expecting a long, colorful autumn this year, but we had one brief glow of rather muted glory, then the leaves fell like big brown snowflakes.

I’ve been up working on my NaNoWriMo novel this morning. DOWN AND DIRTY DEATH is coming along exellently–by which I’m not vain enough to mean the book will be excellent, only that I’m pleased with the progress.

Went to Mom’s last night. We started watching Val Kilmer in THE SAINT. He was very good and Elisabeth Shue is one of our favorites, but about an hour into the movie, I said, “I don’t care if any of these people live or die,” and Mom said, “I don’t either,” so we turned it off and rewound it. Then I started reading her a Lord Peter Whimsey mystery story and it was just blah blah BLAH, old boy and blah BLAH blah, don’t y’know and I went Zzzzzzzzzzz…. So we gave it up for the night. We usually love Lord Peter, but that one was like, “Is this story written in code, and she had to put in this scene about the two old war buddies droning on about Henderson’s happy marriage (Henderson not being in the story and having absolutely no connection to it) in order to work in all the sekrit wurds?

Mom and I will probably go to New Albany today. Every so often, we hitch the mules to the buckboard and make our way through the pass to the Big City to fetch supplies they don’t carry at at the trading post here in the hinterlands. Meanwhile, I’m twittering with folks in the UK who go like, “I think I’ll go have a nice curry for lunch” and I’m like, WAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

The dog is sleeping in the sunshine, reminding me that curry isn’t everything.


writing prompt: Is your main character the sort who finishes a movie or a story or a book, even if he/she doesn’t like it? Why or why not?