Charlie made SOS for breakfast this morning. He’s the king of breakfast, I’m telling you! I usually do all the cooking, but he and daughter #1 did it between the time his late wife passed and the time I got into into the picture.

He says they had SOS a lot in the Army, though they usually had it for dinner. In more polite circles, it is known as Ham a la King, or Chicken a la King, or Whatever a la King, depending on what meat is used. When the girls were little, Charlie told them that SOS stood for Same Old Stuff. He’s a good Daddy.


  • toast
  • ham
  • butter
  • flour
  • milk
  • salt & pepper to taste

Toast the bread. When it’s cool, put it onto a plate with a rim so the gravy won’t slop out, unless you eat very vigorously. Melt the butter in a skillet. Chop the ham and add, cooking until the ham is  hot through. Add flour and stir until the flour is incorporated with the butter. Add milk and stir until thick and bubbly. Add salt and pepper, if used. Pour over toast.


No NaNoWriMo for me today! I’ll be busy as a bird dog, although I just might have time to do some piddling this afternoon.

OH! OH! I got the mostest AWESOMEST book in the mail yesterday!!! I belong to a Storybookers Yahoo group, of people who love (and some lucky ducks who LIVE IN) Storybook Style houses. And somebody on the list me onto the Storybook Homes web site. This is a company that builds Storybook Style houses and sells builders’ plans for them. They also sell books of artist’s conceptions of exteriors and basic floor plans, so you know which one you want. SO I bought their Truly Tiny Collection book and it was worth every penny, and this is from the world’s biggest tightwad. It was even worth the outrageous S&H tack-on. You should have heard me SQUEEEE every time I turned the page. lol!

So now I have the fun of choosing who lives where in my Spadena Street mystery series. It helps, if I can imagine them in their spaces.


writing prompt: Draw a floor plan of a character’s house.