I’m so sleepy today I can hardly keep my peepers open.

I’ve been slaving away over a hot laptop, working on my project for National Novel Writing Month, and maybe it’s this living two lives that’s wearing me out. I always have stronger dreams when I’m working hard on a project, too.

The other night, I dreamed my mustache was a sparse handlebar one, and I had to cut it with scissors before I shaved it. I’ll admit it: I do have dark hair on my upper lip–and on my chin, for that matter–thank you, Mother Nature–but it isn’t THAT bad. I was also wearing a khaki-colored trenchcoat, which I also do not have. Maybe I was a detective with a false mustache.

I hate it when my editor horns in on my dreams and starts trying to make sense of it before I can wake up. It spoils the dream, and I can never remember it after I’m awake. If I wake up with the dream still wrapped around me, I can catch hold of it and maybe write it down or remember it. Which is not always a good thing, depending on the dream.

The project is coming very well, I think. That’s one of the good things about NaNo: You might have your doubts, but you can’t let that stop you. Sometimes I just stall on a project because I don’t want to make a wrong move on it. NaNo makes you just go ahead and do it wrong, as long as you get the words out. Analyze later. Write now. It’s scary, but it’s fun. It’s liberating to just throw yourself into telling the story, and there’s no telling what your subconscious might slap into the plot or the characterization.

Since I’m working with about 30 pages I had already done, my word count is higher than it ought to be. On the other hand, you can’t go at breakneck speed when you’re trolling for pronouns, turning a third-person narrative into first person and feeling your way through shimming in bits to foreshadow stuff you’ve decided you want to happen later. Anyway, I’m having fun, which is one of the points. 🙂


writing prompt: Write down a dream you remember.