No picsh today–scroll down for past pictures of The Costume. But here’s today’s clue: I am a book. Not a character in a book, but a book title.

Again, the winner of this contest gets a copy of THE GIFT OF MURDER, an anthology of winter holiday mysteries to benefit Toys For Tots. For a taste of what’s in this anthology, see Jack Hardway’s review. If you already have a copy of the anthology, I have a few others from which to choose.nano_09

I’ve been working away at the Warrior Wisewoman story. It seems to be coming together–although I’ve thought that before! I have all day today and (I think) all day tomorrow to work on it. Then it’ll be time for NaNoWriMo! Not sure if I’ll get anything done on that on November 1, since Mom and I are going to the Kentucky Opera to see OF MICE AND MEN right after church. Well, I tell a lie–RIGHT after church, we’re going to eat. THEN we’re going to the opera.

Just heard from Sue at the Harrison County Public Library–I’ll be selling and signing copies of THE GIFT OF MURDER on Saturday, November 21 from 1-4. If you’ve bought a copy elsewhere and want it signed, bring it in. Bring in a toy to donate to the kids and get coupons good for use at Magdalena’s and at the Friends of the Library’s Book Box (used book building). Good stuff, there. I buy books and movies there all the time. Er…at the Book Box, I mean. I buy food and coffee at Magdalena’s.


writing prompt: What’s the best toy you got for Christmas when you were a kid? My top three might have been a magic set, a chemistry set and a bike.