Costume 3Here is a closeup of the pin at my throat. It’s Jiminy Cricket. My costume is, insofar as I am aware, totally unconnected with Walt Disney and all his works and all his ways.

Keep guessing–the contest will continue, even if someone guesses correctly, and all correct guesses will be put into a drawing for the prize at the end of the month (just a couple more days, now!).

cravecreamJane and I went to Crave again. They have the best soup and sandwiches! I guess their salads are good, too, but even I can only eat so much. I mean, as it is, if I gain any more weight, the government will declare me too big to fail. Anyway, my soup was country ham and corn chowder and my sandwich was Pimp My Cheese–SHARP cheddar, pimento cheese and chopped nuts (pecans, I think). Mmmmmmm…. I ordered coffee, which they brought in a mug the size of an Olympic swimming pool–just the way I like it. I forgot to tell them I didn’t want cream. This is usually not a problem, because the “cream” is usually a non-dairy product in a sealed container. Here, they brought me a double shot in a double shot glass. I had to take a picture, because it took me back. When I was wee, my mother and grandfather would order coffee at restaurants; the cream would come in little stone crocks or glass pots, and they would give it to me to drink. For a picky eater (would that I still were!), this was the highlight of going to a restaurant. So they brought me this great white memory yesterday, and I had to put cream and sugar into my coffee. I had to, don’t you understand?!!1!?

I think I’m over-thinking the story. I need to simplify. Simplify.


writing prompt: Come up with a childhood memory connected with eating at a restaurant or at someone else’s house.