Here is a closer-up of part of the costume. These are moons and stars. Bonus hint: I am not Night. If you guessed yesterday and think you guessed wrong and want to guess again, feel free to do so. A correct guess will NOT be disqualified by aCostume 1 subsequent incorrect guess. 🙂

It was so bright and sunny yesterday, the colors of the leaves just popped! Against that David-McCallum-eye-blue sky, it was surrealistically beautiful. I was sitting here typing, and a honking huge doe galloped across the front yard and into the woods. I was like, Man–I wish I had two to win on her at the track! No, I mean, I was like, Ah–the beauty of God’s creation. Yeah, yeah, that’s the ticket.


writing prompt: Does your main character care for nature in any form?