I just joined the FaceBook group for my high school class. What a wonderful trip! I loved high school, but my high school and its class was so different from others I’ve heard of then or since. MyIHS class was the first graduating class. Maybe it was because we didn’t go into high school as underclassmen, didn’t get harassed or diminished by upperclassmen, so didn’t pass that around and down. There were the usual groups–smart kids, artsy kids, tough kids, jocks–but people belonged to more than one group and we were all friends. When I got to college, I didn’t understand the “snotty cheerleader” jokes other girls told, because our cheerleaders were really really nice people. Anyway, here’s a dreamy picture of Little Me from high school. My #3 daughter scoffs at pictures where the girls look like they’re wearing low-cut dresses, not understanding that these were not wardrobe choices but accessories called “drapes” that were provided to us. Weird, but true.

LancastersMy mother and I went to Lancaster’s in New Albany–not Tommy Lancasters, but Lancasters. It’s on Main Street, not far from the Y Aquatic Center. It’s a cafeteria, either run by or featuring former South Side people. Same great food, understandably priced a bit higher than South Side’s was. Times change, everything costs more. But worth it–definitely worth it. We were like NOM NOM NOM! Now we need to cook up some more errands to do in New Albany so we can eat there again without wasting gas to get there.

Speaking of New Albany, the fabulous Destinations Booksellers has a new cafe inside it, The Dueling Grounds. I haven’t been there yet, I don’t think it’s open yet, but you know how I am about coffee…and books…. I’m definitely going to have to schlepp down there once the DG is open.

My mother said, “The back seat of the car isn’t the best place to carry your books.” She was talking about the Toys for Tots anthology. I said, “Yeah, but it’s hard to sell them out of your car if you don’t have any IN your car.” And today I sold two copies because I was talking about the benefit and two people said, “I don’t guess you have a copy of that book with you for sale…?” and I did! So I rummaged around and got a little box to put them in to keep them from sliding all around in the back seat. I sell them for the retail price of $15. I deduct what they cost me to buy and give the rest to Community Services.

Folks, there is a food pantry or a clothes closet or a Community Services in your area. For less than $10, you can pick up some stuff when you go to the store and drop it by. Or clean out your closet or your pantry and get rid of stuff you don’t really want or need. Diapers, peanut butter and jelly, mac and cheese, potatoes, apples, canned goods–a little goes a long way, and I’m sorry to say it has a long way to go. Mom and I have more fun shopping for bargains to see how far we can stretch a dollar for our Community Services donations! Have a shopping party with your friends or ask people to bring a couple of canned goods or something to your next meeting or party. People are hungry all year long, not just at Thanksgiving and Christmas, and babies don’t stop pooping just because there aren’t any diapers around.

Here’s hoping it’s bright and sunny and colorful where you are, as it is outside my window today.


writing prompt: What was high school like for your main character?