I didn’t have anything to do yesterday–no errands to run, no metaphorical fires to put out. I hardly knew what to do with myself.

Laundry. Updated the Southern Indiana Writers blog. Did some critiquing.

I’m in the same fix today–nothing to do until I take Mom for her flu shot.

I may actually be forced to sit down and plan my novel for NaNoWriMo. That’s going to be so much fun. DOWN AND DIRTY DEATH will be set in the same Storybook Style neighborhood as “The Spirit of Spadena Street” in THE GIFT OF MURDER, the Toys for Tots benefit anthology for this year, and it features the same main characters. Okay, since I’m planning a series of books and stories set in this neighborhood, I need to plan the neighborhood. Who lives where, just in case I need them for this book, and I might as well know now, since I know I’ll need to know eventually. Storybook Style houses are my passion. I just found out about cob houses, which are hand-sculpted houses–fantastic, organic, wonderful! I could spend hours pouring over pictures of these super-personal spaces. I love drawing plans for them and day-dreaming about living in them. So it just makes sense for me to use that passion and imaginative inhabitation in my writing, yes?

Oh, jolly jolly more sparks o’ joy!


writing prompt: What kind of architecture fires your imagination?