The Hawksview gig is over. We had a blast. Today, we took breaks after every couple of stories and went out and sat with customers and talked with them. We met so many nice people! Ran into a woman who writes poetry but had nobody to share her work with, so we were able to point her to a couple of writing groups in her area. We ran into another woman who doesn’t write, but has SUCH a creative decorative imagination! We hope to meet her again–she promised to look at the Southern Indiana Writers Group web site and keep track of our appearances. 🙂

Mom and I would like for the Woman’s Literary Club of Corydon to make a field trip to Hawksview for lunch some time. The food is divine and the art is fabulous and affordable–everything from glass earrings to semi-major installations.

Next stop is Halloween on the Square in Corydon on Saturday, October 24. Wheeee!


writing prompt: Your main character commissions a glass piece. What is it?