Going to the Leora Brown School today for lunch and a presentation on Harrison County history — little known facts — probably scurrilous — I can hope so, anyway. $10, call 812-738-3376 for more information. There will be an open house tomorrow 10-4 for free, gratis and no cost. You don’t have to pay anything, either.

Immediately after the lunch and learn, I rush home and stick fabric leaves in my hair and go to the Hawksview Gallery and Cafe for a marathon reading/signing with the Southern Indiana Writers Group.

Tomorrow, we go back to Hawksview and spend the whole day–lunch crowd and supper crowd–reading/signing. It should be fun, though. We sent invitations to a bazillion people, and the Hawksview lady said her regulars were excited about it, so there should be a lot of positive energy bouncing around. And there will be food, which is A Good Thing.

The only downside is that I won’t be able to cook lunch or supper for two days, and I do love to cook. Made some totally swoony chicken soup yesterday.


Roast a chicken–I made mine in the crockpot: rubbed the chicken with “rotisserie seasoning” and poured in some white wine. Cooked about 5 hours on high. Pulled all the meat off the bone, ate some of the meat and put the rest of the meat and the broth in separate containers in the fridge. Next day, simmered the bones, gristle and skin (YUCK!!!) for a couple of hours, strained the yucky bits out and gave the non-bones to the dog. Honey, when I get done with a chicken, you can hold the throw-aways in the palm of one hand. Anyway, I took that broth, the broth from the roast, leftover veggies and their cooking water (saved from several days) and put it together. Added some chicken bouillon, onion powder, fresh sage and a few mushrooms, cut some of the chicken meat into it, and it was TOTALLY SWOONY. Oh, and just a small hit of garlic-flavored olive oil.

I got up in the night and scooped some, cold, out of the bowl with a chunk of home-made bread. Swooned back to sleep.


writing prompt: Is there any food that makes your main character feel swoony?