mapleleafThe colors of fall are beautiful–if the sun ever comes out. It’s been gloomy and chilly and drizzly, which is depressing EXCEPT for my secret gloom/chill/drizzle protective shield: MONKEY DRAWERS! If it’s a sunny day, I wash them and hang them on the line, and they come in smelling like fresh air and the rosemary in the porch planter. If the day is damp or cold, I wash them and put them in the dryer and put them on still warm and soft.

Old Man Dysthymia just can’t compete with flannel pajamas printed with happy monkeys.



Is it cold? Is it damp? Is it gloomy?
Are viruses making you sick?
Come closer and please listen to me:
Go put on your monkey drawers, quick!

Make sure they’re sufficiently roomy.
Make certain the monkeys all smile.
Make sure there are flowers, all bloomy.
Bananas are part of the style.

Your mileage may vary–don’t sue me
If this doesn’t coddle your woe.
When I feel all graveyard and tomb-y
My monkey drawers make the woe go.

Yes, I know that this is actually a monkey TOP, but ladylike delicacy forbade my posting a picture of actual drawers. Additionally, there is only so much room on the server, and a photograph big enough to show any drawers large enough to fit me would have taken entirely too much space.

Wishing you a happy Thursday and sufficient flannel,


writing prompt: What does your main character think of monkeys, real or representational?