Every year, when school starts, I get hits on my site from people searching for “mother essay” or some variation thereof. There’s at least one site for students of English as a second or foreign language linking people searching for already-written essays to the short story in my blog extras.

What makes this so sad is not that people are trying to scrag somebody else’s work instead of writing their own, but the possibility that they might actually print out my “essay” and turn it in. I’m envisioning classes full of students turning in the same “essay” and a highly disturbed professor packing his bags in the night and running away rather than returning to a class in which all the students’ mothers have snakes for hair.

I didn’t write or post the piece in order to make life harder on students or teachers. You would just think that web sites established for the purpose of connecting lazy students with pre-written assignments would do a better job of it, wouldn’t you?

Life is full of unexpected obstacles, disappointments and betrayals, isn’t it?

And it’s chilly and drizzling, too.


writing prompt: Have a character take a “short cut” that turns out to be not such a short cut.