Yeah, it’s been Tuesday for at least a week today. If I’d had one more thing to do, I’d have fissioned into twins.

Morning: picked up Mom and ran errands and went to grocery. Forgot to bring books she had repaired for library. Forgot to call in prescriptions to drug store. Still had plenty of errands. Went to vet, were told she needed to give cats pills to kill their fleas, laughed uproariously. Bought groceries, visited with many friends who were also at grocery.

Afternoon: came home from grocery, threw groceries in the general direction of pantry/fridge/freezer. Called in prescriptions. Picked up Mom and repaired library books and went to Woman’s Literary Club of Corydon. Carly of Viola’s Gallery gave report on the catacombs of Paris, which thrilled my Goth heart to the core. I sold some copies of THE GIFT OF MURDER, for the benefit of the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation and Community Services of Harrison County. Took repaired books to library and got more damaged books. Picked up prescriptions.

Later: Came home, stuffed Ozzie (cat) into carrier and Sweetie-Pie (cat) into harness. Wrestled them into car. Took them to vet. Held them while vet’s assistant pilled them with minimal bloodletting. They did not scratch or bite ME, naturally. They don’t have death wishes. Held them while vet’s assistant shaved hilarious patches of hair off their backs, flea medicine, for application of. Brought cats home.

Later: Made supper: Jowl bacon, biscuits and eggs, including marmalade.


Now on my way to Mom’s to watch a tape of last night’s Castle.

Picture me as one of the watches in Dali’s picture “Persistence of Memory”.


writing prompt: What picture would represent you today?