I’m at the library today, doing some high-speed doings. We’re thinking about getting high-speed at home, which would be nice, but I’d miss my library/cafe excursions. I like keeping track of who’s doing what around town.

For instance, I ran into a woman I’ve only seen before when she comes into the Book Box when I’m working there (working=I look at the books and Mom handles the sales). She’s a Libertarian (the woman, not my mother) and reminds me a lot of my late friend Violet Bruner Windell. We found out we live on the same road! She was giving me ideas and inspiration for sf stories, which Violet also used to do. It was a most pleasant encounter.

I’m feeling somewhat triste today, which is French for a little sad but in a classy way.

This was the last day for the farmers’ market–boo hoo for me! Nothing but canned and frozen and trucked-in crap until next spring.

#3 daughter and her youngest came to visit yesterday, and she approved of my meatless loaf, which I combined with gt’s best meatloaf to make meatless loaf stuffed with black olives and mushrooms. If anyone leaves a comment asking for it, I’ll post the recipe. The grandson had “noodles”, of course–chicken-flavored Ramen.

#4 daughter and husband came for supper. We had cheese ravioli with my home-made pesto, green beans, corn on the cob and fresh-baked bread. Very nice.

So I’m sitting here with a tab open to FaceBook, sorting my “friends” list into real ones and fake ones. My “all friends” list includes places and celebrities like yeah for sure Neil Gaiman is my friend uh-huh. Not even I can tell a lie like that. I dropped my friend request to Jim Butcher because he didn’t respond for months and months. I get the feeling he, like, never heard of me or something. I read him all the time, you’d think he’d recognize me by now.


writing prompt: Who is your main character’s favorite author? Who does your main character CLAIM as a favorite author? (Claims Chekov, but keeps Evanovich next to the bed)