So, as I shared with my FaceBook update, the day the phone service began again, a robot lady from Verizon called me and wanted me to rate their service during the time the service was out. … This is where Jack Benny would slowly turn his head to the audience, wait three beats, raise a hand to his cheek and say, “WELL! “ … How was their service while they were delivering no service? Let’s see…was it very good…? I’m afraid I had to give them less-than-highest marks for their service while they were out of service.

So last night, my #4 daughter called me and said, “Yeah, I joined FaceBook.”

ME: You did!?

SHE: You know I did.

ME: How would I know it until you told me?

SHE: You sent me a friend request.

ME: …No, I didn’t.

SHE: Yes, you did. About an hour after I signed up, I got a friend request from you.

ME: When was this?

SHE: About x o’clock.

ME: I haven’t even been on-line since x-3 o’clock….

Cue the Twilight Zone music.

Nevertheless, I’m proud to be her friend.


writing prompt: Do you like autumn? Why or why not.