No, I’m not a vegetarian yet, but I must admit I just as happy with a meatless meal as with a meaty one. I still have to get shish kebab at Shiraz, although I would totally go for falafel with just a side of meat. But this is Vegetarian Month AND today is Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi’s birfday, so I’ll post a picsh of last night’s supper, as it just so happened:ravsandbeans

We had just about the last of the tomatoes. The green beans are still producing, after a shaky start in which they were nearly nibbled to death by rabbits. –Hey, if you are what you eat, and the rabbits eat my vegetables…. Anyway, at Charlie’s request, I culled the smallest of the latest picking and stir-fried them in butter. We got some very smooth, buttery cashews for our birfdays, so I crushed some and, when the beans were nearly done, I stirred those in and heated them until they smelled rich and toasty. I’ve been making pesto and freezing it, so I boiled some frozen cheese ravioli and stirred in some pesto. Made some bread.

In other news, I’ve gotten up at 6 the past two days to work on NaNoWriMo, then realized it starts in NOVEMBER. Duh, me! So I’m registering and using October as I should–getting my ducks in a row for the writing blitz NEXT month.


writing prompt: Have a character show up early for something. It can cause a problem, eliminate a problem, be good or bad.