Okay, so I bought a small pork loin and I got a recipe and I made sausage. It wasn’t narsty, but it wasn’t very good, either. Check it out: lean pork, salt, black pepper, red pepper, sage. That’s what the recipe called for, and that’s what I had. Said to grind it with the big-hole grindy thing, and that’s what I used. Well, “big-hole grindy thing” isn’t what the recipe said, but that’s what it meant. Anyway, The result was not very nice. Didn’t brown up, kind of dry, kind of tough–not like sausage, at all. Very disappointing. Needed a big ol’ chunk of FAT, I’m thinking.

So boo-hoo for us. I was wanting to get all Earth Mother on it, and I failed. I think that’s why so many hippies did dope–it took the sting out of failure. If you have the munchies bad enough, even dry, bland, blanched sausage goes down a treat.

I’m reading Jasper Fforde’s THE EYRE AFFAIR at last! I was given a copy for my birthday. It’s the first in the Thursday Next series, and I was given that and FIRST AMONG SEQUELS, the latest in the series. Now, of course, since I have the whole set (to date), I have to read/re-read all of them in order. I absolutely love this series set in an alternate reality, where literature is the basic fabric of experience so that young toughs take breaks from stealing hubcaps to trade classical author bubble-gum cards.

Staying home (that’s the plan, anyway) today to FINISH my story to submit to Warrior Wisewoman. I think I have finally poked it with sharp sticks until it has woken up and decided to become real. That’s my writing process: Slap a lump of it down in front of myself. Poke it with a stick. Poke it with a stick. POKE it with a stick. Sharpen the stick and POKE IT! POKE IT!! POKE IT!!!! If the story gets bored before I do, it comes to life and I can write it. Nobody ever said the creative process was pretty. I hope my story turns out better than my sausage.


writing prompt: If you collected author trading cards, what would your prize cards be?