Yesterday wasn’t my birthday, but yesterday was one of our family Group Birthday parties. Here is a picture of my loot:


All four girls were there, with their spouses and kids (except for my #1 grandson, who was helping a friend move). We had noshes and many desserts, and didn’t want any supper. The mark of a really good party. 🙂

I got candied pineapple, pistachios, trail mix, three books–two of them Jasper Fforde (wheeee!), a gift certificate to Ozzie’s, a pockly (sparkly, in grandson-speak) pin shaped like an acorn (or, in honor of my political affiliations, ACORN), a flower pot and a wooden acorn painted by our youngest grandson, a CD of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy doing Cab Calloway, chocolate from England, a gorgeous blue set of jewelry from England, and a pizza stone so I can baked my artisan bread without doing a jigsaw puzzle from the broken pieces of my old stone.

The best thing was that our #4 daughter, freshly back from England, got to come to the party. She had thought she told us she was off work that day, but she hadn’t, so we were most happily surprised. 🙂 Happy birthday to us!


writing prompt: Give a character a birthday party.