The Women in Business Showcase was great! It was on the town square, and the day was perfect. Warm but not hot, overcast but cheery. We walked down one row of booths and up the other, chatting with all the people we knew who were attending or who were womanning the booths. Although we had already eaten, we HAD to split a gyro from the A.J.’s booth.

Then we went to the Presbyterian Church open house, where the woman on the welcome desk was one of the few people there who didn’t know us. We appreciated her offering us information on the Presbyterians in general and their church in particular, but we’re already happy where we are. Mom said that, if her church ever had to close its doors, she would be happy to switch to them. I was like, “How are you going to get here, because I’m finding another one of mine.”

I mean, not to be mean, but I go to the one I go to because it’s part of the establishment of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) that there’s no dogma and no doctrine. I don’t really want to go back to belonging to a church where you go, “Yeah, that’s what I’m supposed to believe, but what I really believe, personally, is….” Anyway, we had a good time talking to a bunch more friends, and they gave us ice cream sundaes, so that was nice.

Then the son of an elderly friend called to report his father’s death. I expressed shock and sorrow. The son said, “Well, he was 97 years old.” I said, “Yeah, but he was still Mr. Fegel.” It made me think of that episode of Northern Exposure where a character’s elderly relative died and someone thought it would comfort him to remind him how old the deceased was, and the character answered, “That don’t make him any less dead.” 😦

Later, Mom called to say that a friend of ours, who has been prone to fainting spells, broke her ankle when she fell down from one, and has been recuperating at the house of one of her sisters, had another spell while she was wearing a heart monitor and had a pacemaker installed this week. So we were sad she needed such a procedure, which is still a big deal in our old-skool minds, but happy they finally found out what was causing the spells and could do something to stop them.

Happy sad happy sad.

Also, I finished reading the latest of Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden books. Happy that it was a good book, sad that it’s over.


writing prompt: Give a character mixed feelings about something that seems unmixed.