Mom and I have been to the farmer’s market this morning, and I’ve come back with some tomatoes, some sweet bi-color corn, a turnip, an eggplant and a humorous vegetable. Now, Terry humourous vegPratchett fans know that, when he references a humorous vegetable, it’s generally something like a carrot and the humorous shape is generally implied to be…well…if your mind is dirty enough, you snicker. If your mind is not sufficiently corrupt, you go, “So what shape IS it, already??!!?” Mine is shaped like a funny pictures of cats with captionsduck, in case the picture isn’t clear.

And, by a remarkable coincidence, there was a humorous vegetable post on I Can Has Cheezburger today. Isn’t that AMAZING?

Later today, Mom and I are going into Corydon to the square for the Women in Business showcase. Last year was when we learned about A.J.’s, so we’re looking forward to new discoveries this year. We’re pretty sure Sandra of Colokial will be there, maybe with some of the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) merchandise she said she was getting in. Ever since I was a tad, reading Ray Bradbury, I’ve wanted to crunch a sugar skull. –They don’t call me MomGoth for nothing, you know.

We’ll leave the showcase for the Presbyterian Church open house. We have a lot of friends who attend that church, plus they’re serving food, so you just KNOW we’re gonna be there!

Tomorrow is not my birthday, but it is one of our multi-person family birthday parties. Charlie’s birthday is this month, mine is this month, one of the SIL’s is this month, and another SIL’s was last month, but he wanted to lump his in with ours, so he’s having a late celebration. If I don’t get around to posting tomorrow, that’ll be why.

I’m Worship Leader and Deacon at church tomorrow, so brace yourself for a possible report on that. My readership drops from not many to practically none whenever I post about church, spirituality, religion or anything randomly connected with those topics, but God-God-God-Godilly-God, one of the beauties of not having an actual fan base is that one need have no fear of losing it. That’s what we depressives call looking on the bright side. heh!


writing prompt: Give two or three of your characters sugar skulls and see how they react. Give them little sugar skulls in paper sacks or in their hands or at a booth, I mean. But, if you want to actually endow one or more characters with actual personal skulls made out of sugar, that’s okay, too.