From the Department of Titles That Sound More Interesting Than the Post.

This is really about drying tomatoes. Here’s what you do:

tomato splitGet some big fat Roma or plum tomatoes. Set a big pot of water to boil and put a big pot of ice water in the sink. Make a little incision in the skin of each tomato.When the water boils, put the tomatoes in and watch them carefully. When the incision turns into a long split in the skin, take the tomatoes out with a slotted spoon and put them in the ice water. Do this AS EACH tomato splits. If you wait until they’re all done, the first ones will be cooked, and all you want to do is split the skin.

tomato peeled

Cut off the stem end and cut out the core, if any. Peel the skin off. I love this picture. It looks like zombies are in my kitchen. Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! Bwaaaaiiiiiiinnnzzzzz!!

Cut the tomato in half and take out the seeds and splootchy stuff in the middle. You can just ootch it out with your thumb. Now all you have left is the “meat” of the tomato.

tomatoes before

I have a dehydrator, so I put the tomato halves on racks on the dehydrator. Every so often, I switch the order in which the racks are stacked and turn the racks a little. The tomatoes dry to a “leather” in about eight hours. If you leave them longer, they get REALLY dry and papery. Doesn’t matter. It’s all good.

tomatoes dry

I take the dry tomatoes and put them in a plastic bag and freeze them. When you want them, take them out and put them in a heat-proof container and pour some boiling water over them. Let them sit for about 20 minutes, then you can use them. They are bursting with concentrated flavor, even after they’re rehydrated. Yum.


writing prompt: Zombies in the kitchen.