Made a good fruit salad tonight, and easy, too.


  • kiwi
  • strawberries, hulled and cut up and sugared
  • orange marmalade

Cut the kiwi up into individual serving dishes. Top with strawberries. Top with a blob of marmalade.


I’ve been rereading Moby Dick and have discovered three things I had forgotten:

  1. The first few chapters (except for the sermon) are highly amusing.
  2. I am on page 511 of this 566-page edition and Moby Dick has STILL not appeared except by report.
  3. Ahab, before he went aboard the Pequod to hunt Moby Dick, “had been found one night lying prone upon the ground, and insensible; by some unkonwn, and seemingly inexplicable, unimaginable casualty, his ivory limb having been so violently displaced, that it had stake-wise smitten, and all but pierced his groin….” His “ivory” limb being made, not of ivory, but of bone. Whale bone. The above set of sentences are so rich with off-color possibilities, that I stand, mute in awe, before them.


I’ve been wrestling with the new blog/website today, and have fought it to a draw. If you hear a piercing shriek any time in the near future, it’s only me, bashing my head against yet another learning curve.


writing prompt: A girl I spoke to today said one of her nightmares is being hamstrung. What is the injury your main character fears the most? Your villain?