First, there’s a new post up at Beyond the Classical, which is always a cause for celebration. This one is a lovely short-short story called Cartography.

Next, our #4 daughter flew to England yesterday, and called at 4am to tell us she had arrived safely. This may seem a minor thing to you and, if so, I congratulate you. Your sanguinity is another thing for you to celebrate. Me, I have a depressive/anxiety disorder, and anyone being safe in any circumstance at any time is a matter for celebration to me. Does that make me unfortunate or fortunate, if I have so many moments of dread matched almost totally by moments of relief and joy?

Yesterday was Meatless Monday, which I’ve come to see as a celebration of how good meatless food is, and what a vast variety there is of veg/dairy combinations. I love meat, I’m the first to proclaim that, but I find that, when I’m having meat in a meal, I tend to focus on that and build the meal around the meat. Everything else is just a side dish or a stretcher. When I make a meatless meal, it isn’t just so many side dishes with a hole in the middle of the table where the meat ought to be. When I make a meatless meal, it’s interesting to make, pretty to see, pleasing to the palate and usually nutritionally balanced. I started participating in Meatless Monday as part of a health/ecological movement, but now it feels like a weekly theme party. Will I have to TAKE UP eating meat for Lent this year?


writing prompt: Think of three things that make your main character feel like he/she has something to celebrate.