Mom and I only heard about AJ’s last year, after they had closed for the season. This year, we kept saying, “We’ve got to get to AJ’s this year!” but we never did. So FINALLY, we went.

Boy, were we glad we did! I hadn’t had a gyro in years, and I got a lamb/beef one. Never had one where the flatbread was a little bit crispy on the edges but still not greasy. Don’t know how they do it, but it was heavenly. Mom got feta cheese and black olives. This was a slab of feta cheese in an oil-and-vinegar herbed dressing, with sliced black olives on it. Great, but it weirdly did not come with any crackers or bread or anything to eat it ON. We shared an order of fresh-cut potato chips, meaning potato cut into paper-thin slices and quick-fried–SCRUMPTIOUS–and we used them to share the feta. We cut the gyro in half, too, and shared that out.

The weather was perfect–warm but not hot, breezy but not windy.


Next time, I think I’ll try their fish and chips.

This morning, I’m printing out program books for the Corydon Women’s Literary Club and going to get my hairs cut.


writing prompt: See if you can find a summer joint like this. Go eat there. Observe your fellow customers.