Here I am in the room at ConText science fiction convention. I’m supposed to be helping host a room event with Apex Publishing and the Indiana Horror Writers and Southern Indiana Writers Group, but the party which was supposed to go on until 2 got shut down by security. Why? The next-door neighbors were at the party. We think it may have been the champagne drinkers across the hall, but we may be practicing reverse snobbery. party1

The party was well-contained. Loud, but not rowdy. Food as well as beer, and at least half the people were only drinking soft drinks or water. It was mostly good spirit and lively conversations.

Ah, well, I was half-deaf with the convo, anyway, and tired. So now we’re back in our room, having a quiet little yak-fest of our own.

Up at the crack of dawn for the complimentary breakfast, then a panel on “Why should you write about freedom?”.


writing prompt: Have security shut down a party. Write a version where the shut-down goes well, as ours did–everybody just cleaned up after themselves and left–and one where it does not.