Waving to Willie Nelson fans. It’s umpty a.m. and I had a text message at umpty minus from #4 daughter, who is going on the road trip, too. She has this habit of not being able to sleep just before a road trip. She and her dad used to come crouch by the side of the bed and stare at me until I woke up. “Here’s two li’l kids who can’t sleep,” they would say. Now I can’t flail at her with a pillow, so she does it by texting me.

So I’m up and ready to go.

Will post from the con. I leave Fort Allen in good hands, with Charlie, Mom, #1 daughter and her family, various cats and dogs–ours and the neighbors’. Forrest’s daddy came out to round him up about 10 last night. How can I bear to leave this excitement?


writing prompt: What would you do if you had just dropped off to sleep and somebody called you to tell you he/she couldn’t sleep?