It’s been a long time since I posted one of MomGoth’s li’l sparks o’ joy. MomGoth is me–mostly because I’m chemically imbalanced (all right, okay, keep it down, quit laughing) chronically anxious and depressed, in spite of a characteristic tendency toward delight and optimism. Can we say “Libra”, boys and girls?

clematis 1Anyway, when the going gets tough, I look to my sparks o’ joy and Feel Better Fast!

Mom has this clematis growing up the side of her porch and all over a latticework arbor she keeps by the rail so her orange cat can get up onto the roof, where he naps on the chimney. I wish I could take a picture of how this smells–it’s divine! Every year, we think it isn’t going to do anything. The clematis with the large blooms come and go, and this one has these weedy little straggling vines. Then this one takes off, butclematis 2 still just string-like vines and tiny leaves. “At least the foliage is pretty. Kinda pretty,” we tell each other.

Then, about the middle of August, when we’ve given up on it, These gorgeous star-like blossoms pop out in frothy profusion, and the scent is heady.

Mom always says, “Enjoy this while we can–it doesn’t last long.” It doesn’t last long in

clematis 3

Dinosaur Years, and each particular bloom may not last long, but it goes on blooming for a couple of weeks and continues to be amazingly beautiful. If we could only have one blooming plant between us, this might be the one we would both choose.

One more picture of this:


writing prompt: Ask your main characters what one blooming plant they would have around them, if they could only have one. If more than one character choose the same one, is that surprising or is it natural?