I’m at the library today. Mom and I are working the Friends of Harrison County Library Book Box (book sale building), but I get flustered adding up the goods and making change, so I’m not much help. She’s generally glad to have me retire to the library with my laptop, so long as I come back to give her a break.

What with cranking up this tin lizzy of a laptop, uncranking it and packing it up when I go to relieve her, then cranking it up again when I come back, I don’t get a lot done, after all. Especially when I decide I’m going to edit some pics for the blog and click on all of them and tell them to open in GIMP, forgetting that the Windows version of GIMP opens a NEW PROGRAM for EACH PICTURE instead of opening all of them in one program instance, as it does in my beloved Linux. *sigh*

Been a nice morning, anyway, though. Went to the farmers’ market and got some squersh–a butternut and a pattypan or whatever the heck that pretty white scallop-edged UFO-shaped one is.

Came back to Book Box and got a book called EXTREME LATIN, which looks like fun. I’ve been flirting with learning Latin for a long time, for some reason. Never have buckled down and done it. This one might be fun enough to get me to DO SOMETHING, although it usually takes a cattle prod to get me moving at all.

Here at the library, I looked out the door and saw Darryl Voelker trimming the municipal petunias. It isn’t his job, but he cares, so he’s MADE it his job. On the weekends, he goes around and waters all the hanging planters and trims the dead blooms. They look great, and I was glad to have the chance to thank him. My Purple Wave plant is now a dead, leafless stick.

I also saw Bob Robinson here, an old friend from Community Unity. He upbraided me for not having emailed him yet, so I got his email and just sent him a message from across the reference room. He hasn’t answered. Does that mean I win or I lose?


writing prompt: You run into an old friend at the library who wants you to email him/her. Write a story line in which you want to, and one in which you don’t want to.